PHP Data Filtering

PHP have native extension to filter data by either validating or sanitizing it.

Interesting features of Phalcon PHP framework

First of all Phalcon is not like any other php framework because it’s a php extension written in C. Php extension are .so files like
Since it’s a php extension it’s always loaded if the extension is enabled in php.ini file, even with nothing build. And this going to make this perform fast.

The framework have no defined directory structure, so you can build your application in different pattern like multi-module, HMVC etc

to be continue…

CodeIgniter Force Clear Browser Cache

Sometimes when I make changes in live and want visitor to clear their browser cache to see latest changes. I setup http header to expire current cache by setting a back date. here is the code for CodeIgniter. after few days of update I remove this code so browser can cache again. 😛