Muhammad Ashraf-ul-Abedein

A coffee drinker in front of screens from planet earth.

A passionate software engineer. My focus has been mainly on the server-side/back-end developments. Broad technical knowledge of software development technologies and professional experience from diverse array of tasks. I’m keen about improving code quality and following standards. I like to take responsibility, share knowledge and continuously improve my expertise.

Technologies I’m working with (but not limited to)

Microservice oriented architecture
RESTful API Services
Serverless architecture through nodejs AWS lambda

NodeJs, PhalconPHP, Lumen, Silex, Symfony 2, Symfony console,
Magento, Laravel, WordPress, Zend Framework, Java EE(JSF), Django

ElasticSearch, Redis, Fluentd, EFK(Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana), Logstash, Consul Service Discovery, OpenFire

PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB, AWS Dynamodb, Kinesis, Lambda function, S3

Docker, Vagrant, Bash Script, puppet
Linux, Git, Nginx, Apache, AWS

Working as a Software Engineer.
I’m interested to work with GoLang, Scala, NodeJS, influxdb, Kafka.

I got my bachelor degree on Computer Science and Engineering in the year of 2010. I started making web applications when I was in first year of university and I find this interesting

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