M Ashraful Abedein

A coffee drinker in front of screens from planet earth.
I’m a passionate and experienced software engineer. My focus has been mainly on the server-side/back-end developments. Broad technical knowledge of software development technologies and professional experience from diverse array of tasks. I’m keen about improving code quality. I like to follow standards, take responsibility, share knowledge and continuously improve my expertise.

Technologies I’m working with (but not limited to)
Microservice oriented architecture, RESTful API Services,
Backend/Server-side Developer, Serverless architecture through nodejs AWS lambda,
NodeJs, ExpressJs, restify.js, private NPM modules, Front-End Integration, jQuery, Handlebars,
PhalconPHP, Silex, Lumen, Symfony 2, Symfony console, Magento, WordPress, Zend Framework, Java EE(JSF), Django,
ElasticSearch, Redis, Fluentd, EFK(Elasticsearch Fluentd Kibana), Consul Service Discovery,
PostgreSQL, MySQL/MariaDB,
AWS Dynamodb, Kinesis, Lambda function, S3, Google Analytics API
Testing with Mocha Chai, phantomjs, behat,
Git, Vagrant, Bash Script, puppet
Linux, Git, Nginx, Apache

Programming Language:
PHP, JavaScript, Python, JAVA, C++, C#.net, Visual Basic, Assembly language.

Working as a Software Engineer.
I’m interested to work with NodeJS, PHP, Go-Lang, Python, Scala.

I got my bachelor degree on Computer Science and Engineering in the year of 2010. I started making web applications when I was in first year of university and I find this interesting

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